my sister’s view on one direction’s fashion sense:

  • louis: “smoked weed once and won’t let anyone forget it”
  • zayn: “posh college student ft. laid back beyonce”
  • harry: “hippie mom that’s a little too happy about being pregnant”
  • niall: “frat boy… might’ve sucked some dick but no one judges him”
  • liam: “he looks like he’s about to get into a rap battle”

fakeliampayne: Just because I love my home I’d post a pic of me but I’m a little drunk right now enjoy the view aha

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“The lads’ll tell you I’m a bit obsessed with hats at the minute - like, baseball cap ones. I’ve got loads but Louis keeps nicking them off my head during the shows and throwing them into the crowd. I’m gonna run out soon!” - Liam


ok so I was told by a sweet person called cactus-syndrome (yes I am ratting u out) that I should submit this silly ass fic prompt/idea I had on here, because you guys like stucky things so beware for extreme sillyness and quoting abuse, this is basically what I posted earlier today:

"No guys but consider


In which Fury is McDonald and Steve and Bucky spar and Steve’s like “Yes, you have to wear the bathing suit” before Bucky knocks him on his ass and Coulson keeps telling Bucky to glide

Coulson: Don’t pick your feet up. Why are you picking your feet up?

Bucky: Because I am preparing to run away!

Coulson: No, wait, watch me— Glide. Glide. See? It’s all in the buttocks. Don’t I look pretty!

Bucky: It takes a very secure man to walk like that.

And c’mon you know you just wanna see Bucky walking out of a facility in slow motion behind a group of exhausted beauty experts while Steve everyone gapes because he no longer looks like a hobo and his hair is short and slicked and clean and is that Armani he’s wearing?

Steve: Bucky, is that you??

Bucky: I’m in a suit, I have gel in my hair, I haven’t slept in two days, I’m starved and I’m armed. Don’t. Mess with me. ACK *Falls down. Stands up.* I’m fine. I’m cool. I’m good. *Runs hand through hair before walking off*

Steve: Oh yeah, that’s him. Mr Coulson, nice work!

Coulson: god I’m good.

And I mean c’mon. COME ON. How would you pass up the opportunity to see the rest of the male avengers as beauty contestants while Nat is working with Steve from FBI HQ laughing her ass off when Bucky uses Steve as his “assistant” to show his talent and beats his ass on national TV, not to mention teasing Steve endlessly whenever Bucky comes on stage and turns on his charm in his role

I mean just imagine how priceless it would be to watch them all being such dorks

Tony: Excuse me I’m in the middle of a REM cycle over here??


Coulson: No armoured car?

Bucky: That would be in my other suit.

Steve is a sassy shit and Bucky goes from his grumpy WS look to his Brooklyn days look and they’ve always been partners in the FBI.

Bucky: I know you think I’m gooooorgeous, you wanna kiiiiiiss me, you want to huuUUUuug me—

Steve: I think Dum Dum is more attractive than you I’d rather kiss him

Bucky: You want to looove me, you want to huuug me, you want to smooch me, you want to—



Steve: …*bites chocolate* Enjoy the rest of your night.


Coulson: That was charming. Are you drunk.

Bucky: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go unscrew my smile.

C´moooon I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a good idea right guys


image ”

I have nothing to say for myself.

Leeyum is Zaynie’s bitch


…aka a masterpost of things Zayn does to Liam and Liam just takes it.


(I really tried to come up with a different title, but those two gave me no choice…you’ll see!)

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